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Dr. Samiul Hassan

Dr. Sami Hasan (Ph.D., UW, Canada) has a keen interest in understanding civil society and Muslim philanthropy. As the principal researcher, along with a dozen scholars, he has undertaken comprehensive comparative research work on Muslim philanthropy in all 47 Muslim majority countries (MMCs) in Africa and Asia. He also has published in journals like the Ambio (Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences), Asian Survey (UCLA), Cities (International Journal of Urban Policy and Planning, UK), Environment and Urbanization (IIED, UK), Habitat International (UK), Public Administration and Policy (Hong Kong Public Administration Association). Dr. Hasan is a current member of the editorial boards of Journal of Civil Society (Routledge/Taylor and Francis), International Encyclopedia of Civil Society (Springer), and Journal of Muslim Philanthropy and Civil Society (Indiana University Press), among others. He has worked as a senior academic at the United Arab Emirates University and the University of Technology Sydney and supervised around 50 post-graduate research works. Dr. Hasan is an ex-director of the International Society of Third-Sector Research (